How To Start A Press On Nail Business?

Do you love much about a manicure? Do you believe you’ve got that artistic taste in customizing, selling, and creating press-on nails? Then, it would be best to learn how to start a press-on nail business as it’s indeed an excellent idea to push through.

What’s something that looks inviting about it? It will allow convenient operation right through your home. It will also ordinarily require you to pay like 500 dollars to buy all the essential tools, to begin with. It is exciting as you read this article for more significant details on how to start a press on nail business.

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Steps Required in Starting a Press on Nail Business

It can indeed be very stressful how to start a press-on nail business. But the right management and planning will help you along the way. Thus, you will ultimately achieve your aspirations in life. You must follow the pointers below to concentrate on a smooth setup.

Step #1. Establishing the Business

If the press-on nails are serving more than a hobby, it is way better to pursue it as a business. It will imply that you must pick a logo and name for the business. You must even create and establish a website and then, set up the business entity.

Thinking of the Logo and Name

You will have to select the logo and business name for your brand. It is a must to ensure the originality of the two. If they match your existing brand, it would fall into an intellectual property infringement. So, you better be careful when it comes to this one.

About the originality, check as well to verify the trademark and patent office website of the United States. Choose the most resonating and most relevant name of your business suited to your brand. It must likewise consider the values, as to get assistance from Shopify.

Moreover, you may even establish logos on the websites of Canva, logomakr. Or, better yet, outsource the task from someone on several websites like Fiverr. This will bring about more expert and more professional ideas. So far, there are many AI websites that provide AI-logo creation services. You may try other choices at their economical prices.

Establishing a Press-on Nail Website

There must be a website if you will establish the business online. This will help you better reach out to possible customers online. This is true and not just about having a physical location store. It will have a wider and broader scope selling press-on nails to different clients online. WordPress + Woocommerce may be one of the best solutions to building a website by following the below step by step.

Moreover, you may hire one regarding website creation. This is true if you’re after going fancy. It would demand an investment following the professional fee. There are as well tutorials that can be found on YouTube enabling you to establish a website of your own.

Establishing a Business Entity

How to start a press on nail business is also about establishing a business entity of the press on nail business. It may be a sole proprietorship, a corporation, LLC, or other entity. It will for sure bring about a lot of benefits in your business, like liability protection. Check for some relevant websites to educate you more and recommend the business entity that suits your business.

Step #2. Getting Everything Legal

The place you reside may demand you to obtain a general business license. This is true even if your business just operates online. Even if you will sell customized products such as press-on nails, you need to collect sales tax from the sales. You must then, apply for the sales tax license or the so-called seller’s permit.

After you secure your website name or domain, you must integrate the store builder online same as with Shopify. If it upsets you to create a website, the sites such as Square and Etsy would prove to be helpful. Go on these sites for the fastest and quickest setup of online selling.

The license of the nail technician is also a priority as you learn how to start a press on nail business. If you are a nail technician, you could work part-time in the nail salon. This will serve as a good chance for showcasing product ranges and selling them, too.

Certifications, as mentioned, are needed so your business could be legal. An LLC status or business license is needed in this case. Comply with the laws of the county or city. In registering, search more on Google as it’s very much helpful.

Step #3. Establishing a Business Plan

The business plan is like a business blueprint helping you in making the most relevant decisions aligned with the business’ requirements. It must have things that identify the targeted market, marketing strategy, budgeting, rival companies, and pricing plans. In the beginning, you could just make it simple. It can then build as time continues. It has its main goal of helping you in making sound and confident decisions. That will also serve as an organizational tool.

Step #4. Obtaining the Needed Supplies

Obtain the needed supplies like the kind of nails such as press-on nails as one more step needed in how to start a press-on nail business. Customization will help in deciding the equipment and tools needed. But then, here is the complete list of the supplies and materials you might need.

Basic Equipment

There are several tools you must obtain considering personal assets while you think of establishing the business. They are as follows:

  • Nail Files
  • Buffer
  • Plastic tip stand
  • Nail art stand display
  • Cuticle pusher


Here are the lists of materials your press-on nail business would also need:

  • Gel polishes
  • Mailers
  • Decorative and fancy boxes
  • Brushes
  • Jewels
  • Clear mounting tape
  • Nail glue
  • Alcohol-cotton pads

Step #5. Marketing the Press-on Nail Services

It is essential to get backed by marketing strategies on how to start a press-on nail business. They play an essential role in growing your business. At the beginning of setting up the business, you could practice and then, share it with family and friends. It is like first promoting the products to the people near you. The services and products will eventually continue by word of mouth and referral.

Advertise on Social Media

Social media is indeed powerful when you want to promote your press-on nails as you learn how to start a press on nail business. Invest more in online advertisements. Market on a lot of websites, thus, reaching out to a lot of possible customers in different places. Link your website for e-Commerce to different social media accounts. It will help in showcasing the acrylic nails to a huge following base.

If you want, you could begin by using an Etsy shop. This is so far one of the best and fastest ways of selling press-on nails. There are posts on YouTube to teach you how you could set it up. If you want, there are social media websites to take advantage of like the Instagram shop and the Facebook shop. Sell your acrylic nails here if you want.

Wix, for instance, is an easy-to-use platform that you can literally drag on anything and drop them. When you are readily available in establishing your website, Wix is always the best possible tool to use. WordPress may also be hard to use but is useful if you’re a novice. It is also super cheap so you would have to pay just 10 dollars every month. But with Wix, it will require you to pay like 33 dollars every month. The platform chosen is one thing to ever consider.

Partner With Some of the Nail Salons in Your Local Area

There are lots of nail salons around. So, it’s better if you collaborate with them. You can enter into a negotiation supplying them with acrylic nails. Then, nail sessions will likewise be provided if you’ve got a nail technician license. Just move away from the usual charges and their offerings. You must accept a deal if you believe it is profitable. Or, there are many options to find the market, too.

Focus on Prom and Wedding Seasons

There are also bridal salons that you can team up with; especially if they need your products for the wedding season. Good-looking and creative nail patterns can help in obtaining the best and most exciting opportunities, thus, brides can enliven their wedding day.

The prom season would also be a good chance for attendees to get innovative. Then, they would for sure like your acrylic nails application that better accentuates their outfits. These events are fruitful engaging them in the targeted market. They can then be turned into more regular customers.

Step #6. Pricing the Nails

It is also better if you will price the press-on in the most careful manner possible. Conduct research regarding the present market price for these press-on nails. Review the prices of the competitors you see online and also around the neighborhood. You should not be upfront in pricing them high in the initial business stage.

So, follow the strategies that will be mentioned here.

Consider the Time Pricing

Get the prices fixed following the time required in doing or applying it. It would even consider the hours needed in creating nail designs. Basic designs are somehow priced considerably and slightly lower as compared to more complex and more intricate patterns.

The latter also takes a lot of time as compared to the former. But then, it will require lesser skills and labor, too. The earnings might go like 500 dollars daily. The average charge for every minute will fall at 500 dollars for every 60 minutes. This is now 8.33-dollars.

This can be charged as a rate following the number of hours or minutes required in completing the session. This will as well fall for the sales online. The amount can go as fixed following the average rate and the time required in preparing the customized nails.

Think About the Combination Pricing

This technique is useful if customers demand a combination of nail sets alongside fancy nails and basic nails. Establish fixed charges considering the plain or primary nails. The ones demanding more time are the added jewels or intricate patterns. Charge as well money considering the average rates. Or, better yet, stay with one approach, or just follow the three. Think of whatever your needs.

Consider the Per Nail Pricing

This is a good strategy so you could profit from the basic patterns. This requires less time in preparing and getting it done. Set the fixed charges for the nail pattern in following this ideology. This is whether it is basic and easy, intricate and complex. The previous would receive a charge that is lesser as compared to the latter. It will help you get certain in the fixed earning as you set on pre-determined charges.

FAQs for How to Start A Press on nail business

Here are more of the frequently-asked questions you deserve answers for.

How much are press-on nails?

The price would fall at least 15 dollars for the basic ones. The customized ones fall under 40 dollars to 50 dollars. It will also consider the raw materials cost and the creativity. This is so far the generic price for the business. You can refer to the price for acrylic nails and press on nails.

Who are Those Celebrities Using Press on Nails?

Priyanka Chopra, Heidi Klum, Beyonce, and Selena Gomez are just a few to use press on nails. These are among the common products utilized by celebrities. These are very much convenient when used as these can be switched on in styles, following the events and outfits. There’s no need to worry that these will bring harm to their natural nails. For one, fake nails promise different ranges in different and fun patterns.

Is There Money in Doing This Business?

Provided your business is legal and with a license, it’s possible earning money in this business. This is a low investment without the additional cost required you to pay. Just impose for sheer marketing and creativity, so you will be earning more massive profits.

If you want to start a bulk press on nails business, you’d better to find bulk press on nails vendor, and if you want to start custom luxury nails you can check luxury press on nails vendor.

So, keep these steps in mind when thinking about how to start a press on nail business! You surely have learned a lot from this article!

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