How To Measure Press On Nails

Learn how to measure press on nails with this quick and easy tutorial. With useful tips and tricks for you that will help you measure press on nails.

Why is it Important to Measure Your Nails?

Nails are an important part of the body. They help us to feel, touch and protect our fingers. Nails also help us to pick up items and scratch surfaces.

Nail measurement is an important part of the body because it helps people understand their nail sizes and you can select the best-fit press on nails. To measure your nails you need a ruler or a measuring tape. You should measure from the side to side then you can find the correct size for each nail.

It’s better to select the proper length of nails which fit your use purpose. If your nail is too long then take note that it can cause problems for you such as getting caught in things, making it hard for you to use your fingers properly, and even causing pain when you try to remove them from something that they are stuck on. If your nail is too short then this can cause problems as well because they will be weak and prone to breaking.

Here are 3 different ways how to measure press on nails.

1. use sizing kit to measure press on nails

The pack with all sizes is the perfect way to ensure your nails have the perfect shape and length. It’s one of the ways to accurately measure your nails before you purchase press-on nails. The perfect pack for all nail lengths. This set includes different lengths of nails in various sizes and shapes to ensure your nails will have a perfect shape and length for any occasion. The pack also includes a nail file, nail clippers, and a buffer to keep your nails looking their best.

You’ll be able to accurately size your nails by trying on all the sizes of sizing kits. You are going to receive a pack of 10 blank nails, numbered from 9 to 0 for easy reference.

But this way, you need to purchase size kits, which take time to receive from the store and each store might have a different size.

2. Use tape measure to measure press on nails

A tape measure is an instrument that can be used to measure distances. This can be done by marking the end of the measuring tape and then marking halfway between this marker and the edge of what is being measured. In some cases, measuring a distance can also relate to measuring an angle if it requires both ends of the measuring tape.

This is the easiest way to measure the size of nails and you can do it at home easily.

3. Use paper or tape & Ruler to measure press on nails

How To Measure Press On Nails - Dreamall

It’s the best alternative way to follow this if you do not have a tape measure. It’s also an easy way to measure your nails.

Paste the tape to your nails and mark the width of your nail by using a pen. Take a record for 10 nails and measure the length between the mark on the scotch tape, you can use a ruler. To do this, first, figure out how big each centimeter is. For example, imagine each centimeter was divided into ten smaller pieces – then one centimeter would be equal to 10 millimeters. Next, take a strip of tape and make markings on it with a pen.

Tips for how to measure press on nails:

Press-on nails are one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a manicure. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect fit for your nails. Here are some tips on how to measure your nails for press ons for a perfect fit:

1. Measure your nail from the cuticle to the tip with a ruler or tape measure.

2. If your nail is shorter than 2 inches, you should buy short press-ons and if it’s longer than 2 inches, you should buy long ones.

3. Press-ons are made in different lengths so make sure that you measure your nail before buying them and also ask for help from an expert at the store if needed!

4. It’s always better to go bigger than smaller when guesting your nail sizes so please choose the closest size to your nail bed size. If the size is a little bit big, you can always use the nail file to fix it. This is the most important tip to always keep in mind, no matter which way you choose.

Now you have learn all about how to measure press on nails, if you want custom press-on nails it’s easy to order based on your measurement to get perfect fits. You also can consider buying a full set press on nails which often comes with 20~30 pcs in all sizes, it will cover all sizes from 0-9.

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